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Home Appliance Safety

Flignitz Laboratories is proud to announce a practical application for its high-energy, electromagnetic railgun, which was developed by the secretive Flignitz Research Institute. The device will soon be used to support new safety testing programs for consumer products, beginning with those produced by […]

2016 All-Finland Speed Metal Festival

Organizers of the annual Kaikki Suomessa Nopeus Metalli-Rock Juhlapäivä announced today that the iconic music festival will be sponsored again this year by the Flignitz Developer Collective. Speaking on behalf of the festival committee, Joumaan Heeklüürikken said, “We are extremely proud to have Developer Collective sponsorship, once again, especially after […]

Outcast Auto Maker Looks to Flignitz Expertise

With the most effusive and inscrutable approval of the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, senior executive managers of Kou-Ru-Sen Automobile Manufactory Co.Ltd. have signed a tentative and non-commital “Letter of Understanding” with key representatives of Flignitz Asia. The new agreement may allow Kou-Ru-Sen to license certain export-qualified features […]

Amazing ROI for Average TCO!

We are deeply gratified to hear the many success stories of our customers. More and more, they are taking the time to call us, every day — from ecstatic CIOs to IT managers, who seem to be strangely aroused when deploying the class-leading extensibility and unsurpassed flexibility of our next-generation Asynchronous Normalized Multiplexer®, even as […]

Electric Utility in Japan Finds More Power

After completion of all power grid restoration projects in October 2011, Noyaka Electrification Consortium Ltd. recorded an average daily increase of 21.4MWh in generation of electricity. The source of the additional power output was a perplexing mystery to both company executives and engineers. Surabito Hideoki, Vice President of Productivity, told reporters at a press conference […]