Human Development

Our people are amazing! Flignitz Corporation firmly believes in the value of fully quantifying the maximum of human potential, which is why we invest so heavily in several internal programs to explore and clearly define the limits of human capability.

Our groundbreaking Sustainable Human Development program, for example, is unlike any other. Its key projects almost always mark a major milestone in our optimization of human resource utilization, even when that means learning from our own (extremely rare) mistakes. Its incredible history of success includes many landmark innovations, such as the streamlined and carefully targeted introduction of hyper-aggressive cross-training, which was recently expanded to cover an even more broadly diverse range of multi-faceted and cross-functional disciplines.

Innovations like this (and our award-winning Next People initiative) enable contiguous business planning and HR staffing, throughout the product lifecycle, and encompassing the entire Flignitz Corporation enterprise, to leverage such highly optimized employee positions as the Senior Developer-Support Engineer-Receptionist, the Systems Architect-Janitor-Master Plumber, and our most innovative optimization to date, the Office Manager-Nuclear Technician-Cafeteria Chef.

The steady march of endless optimization of our amazing human resources continues apace, with new and exciting innovations that are simultaneously leading, designing, catering, and paving the way forward for industry as a whole, while also ensuring a healthy minimum employee turnover-rate.

You can rest assured that Flignitz Corporation is fully committed to ensuring our future, and the futures of all generations to come, by implementing proactive metrics and rigorous initiatives to optimize our corporate visibility and international recognition as a thought leader among the business community.