Leadership Team

Fred Sedwright
President and CEO
Flignitz Corp (USA)

Mr. Sedwright joined Flignitz Enterprise Pty Ltd as interim Executive Vice President of Engineering in 2006, filling in for the tragically comatose Albert Strombash at the office in Quiggney, NSW, Australia. With over 25 years of experience in engineering management, business development, collaborative synergies, and senior executive waffling, Mr. Sedwright was promoted to CEO of Flignitz Corporation in October, 2010. Mr. Sedwright holds a B.Eng from the Queen’s College of Humpleborough, M.Bus from South Western Australia Polytechnic Academy, and more than 12 honorary Doctorate degrees from the Flignitz Institute.

Haalsen Greinbergehrer
Executive Vice President, Managing Director
Enterprise Software Group
Flignitz Corp (USA)

Mr. Greinbergehrer joined Flignitz Angaben GmbH in 1984, immediately after graduating with extreme honors from the Sonderschule Legastheniker Nerdische in Veitshöch-Struttenheim, Germany. A true polyglot, speaking 28 dialects of German with remarkable fluency, Mr. Greinbergehrer worked his way up the corporate ladder, showing amazing perseverance and determination, from his first job as assistant mailroom clerk, all the way to his current position, earning the adamant respect and fawning admiration of both his supervisors and subordinates alike.

Enzo Xian-Ping
Senior Executive Vice President, Managing Director
Manufacturing Group
Flignitz Asia Corp Ltd

Enzo (Mao) Xian-Ping joined Flignitz Indochina Manufactory Ltd in 1998, bringing over 12 years of trenchant experience in business accounting, statistical quality control modeling and analytics, and manufacturing process management. Mr. Xian-Ping holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Accounting, and a Master’s degree in Financial Acumen from the prestigious Xinquan Tri-Regional Business Conservatory in Zhouxingzhen, Sichuan, China.

Sheila Barntoff
Global Vice President, Human Resources
Flignitz Corporation

Ms. Barntoff joined Flignitz Corporation in 2011, bringing over 20 years of hands-on management experience in Human Resources and Labor Relations specializations. Ms. Barntoff is a three-time recipient of the notable Owen Franklin Award for Poetic Excellence in Human Resources Communications, and she holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Columbia University, as well as a Doctorate in Feminist Labor Economics from Eastern Squaminish University.

François Duplaneaux
Senior Executive Vice President, Global Branding
Flignitz Corporation

Mr. Duplaneaux joined Flignitz Technologique SA in 2008 as a Senior Marketing Analyst. A fastidious (and some might say, compulsive) cribbage player, Mr. Duplaneaux brings a vast wealth of marketing expertise, gained from experience with both entrepreneurial start-ups and several Fortune 100 consumer products companies. Mr. Duplaneaux holds a Bachelor of Science from the École Polytechnique in Paris, and a MBA from the Académie Flignitz in StRemy-de-Rieutort.

Lorenzo Hamilton
Executive Vice President, Managing Director
Flignitz Services Group
Flignitz Corp (USA)

Mr. Hamilton joined Flignitz Corporation as a Senior Technical Consultant in 2002. Within a year, Mr. Hamilton was promoted to Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager, and then to Eastern Regional Executive Sales Manager, before assuming his current position in 2005. Through Mr. Hamilton’s dynamic leadership and iconoclastic managerial style, gross revenues of the Flignitz Services Group have quadrupled almost every year since 2007. Mr. Hamilton holds Bachelor’s degrees from both the Universidad de Lima in Peru and the Universidad de la República in Uruguay, and a MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.