Human Resources

Flignitz Corporation has a long history of innovation in human resources. Our team of exceptional HR staff represent only the most assiduous graduates from our multi-award-winning internal Human Resources Management Program, which now produces well over 100 viable embryonic managers each month.

Flignitz Corporation takes extraordinary pride in our managerial breeding stock of the greatest availiable talent, most of whom are cloistered away in special training centers, where the next generation of superior HR managers are conceived and developed in the most innovative and efficient, assembly line fashion.

According to our Global Vice President of Human Resources, Sheila Barntoff, “I like to think of all of our employees as renewable resources of our socially responsible and sustainable enterprise.”

You can rest assured that Flignitz Corporation is strongly committed to the development of all potential HR managers, as we seek to endeavor to ascertain the most significant and currently popular challenges facing our society, which seem to be most important to you, our valued customers, at any given time.