User Groups

Flignitz Corporation is fully committed to building and supporting vibrant and engaging communities that serve the needs of our partners, our customers, and consumers of our various products and services.

User groups enable you to interact directly with your peers — other customers and consumers of products and services provided by Flignitz Corporation.

  • Share your tips and tricks with other users of Flignitz™ products and services.
  • Respond to surveys and participate in focus groups to help us design innovative new products, or exciting new features and/or enhanced functionality of existing products, to best meet your needs.
  • Build out your personal network of professional and social contacts, and make new friends in your field.

Note: Flignitz Corporation strongly encourages developers, system administrators, and other IT professionals with real-world, hands-on experience implementing or optimizing Flignitz™ Enterprise Software solutions to join our Developer Collective.