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Privacy Policy

Flignitz Corporation is somewhat strongly committed to protecting your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy may disclose how we collect, use, and share information that we gather about you on the Services, and the (relatively few) choices you have regarding our use of and your ability to correct such information.

“Services” include this Flignitz Corporation web site, the official Flignitz Corporation Blogs, and the Flignitz™ Developer Collective site (the “Sites”), and various other Internet enabled or wireless means by which Flignitz Corporation provides content to you or receives content from you, including, without limitation, downloadable software applications (such as Flignitz™ Universal Gadget and Flignitz™ Universal Widget applications), mobile web sites, mobile downloadable applications (including Flignitz Mobile On-the-Go™, Flignitz Mobile Doodad™, and Flignitz Non-Immobile Flibberty-Gibbit™), content and blog submission services, chat rooms, SMS messaging, and any delivery of Flignitz Corporation content to you, with or without your consent.

“Services” may also include alert products, such as Flignitz™ Consumer Alert and Flignitz™ Product Recall notifications.

We sincerely hope that this disclosure will enhance your experience, engender deeply warm and comfortable feelings toward Flignitz Corporation, and reinforce the great trust that you place in Flignitz Corporation and its many fine products and services.

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