Environmental Sustainability

Flignitz Corporation is fully committed to endeavoring to address and effectively engage the various and sundry environmental concerns, which seem to be most important to you, our valued customers, at any given time.

Our deep concern for the effective implementation of environmental sustainability measures can be seen in the success of our widely acclaimed Green Flignitz programs, such as our annual “Boron Footprint Awareness Week,” which is believed to save over 85 million cubic tons of boron emissions from entering the atmosphere (or more specifically, from leaving our facilities).

Each year on Earth Day, Flignitz Corporation celebrates the birth of our planet with a mandatory and company-wide “Paper Products Moratorium.”

Employees of every division, subsidiary, and department are encouraged not only to refrain from ordering additional paper products of any kind, but they are invited to burn all of their existing paper-based office supplies in locally organized, environmentally sensitive bonfires (called “Eco-Fires”), during which employees join hands in a large circle and chant mantras (typically composed by divisional liaisons to the Green Flignitz program committee, and officially approved by our Senior Executive Vice President of Global Branding), which extoll the virtues of positive thinking and bumper stickers that promote environmental awareness, and reinforce the sacred duty we all share to nurture Earth-Mother consciousness in every corner of our global village.

You can rest assured that Flignitz Corporation is fully committed to ensuring our future, and the futures of all generations to come, by implementing proactive metrics and rigorous initiatives to optimize our corporate visibility and international recognition as a thought leader among the business community.