Ecosystem Sustainability

Flignitz Corporation is fully committed to innovative and sustainable programs that address the various and sundry ecosystem issues, such as climate change, biodiversity, and natural habitat preservation, which seem to be most important to you, our valued customers, at any given time.

We firmly believe in the importance of the significance of public concerns about the apparent environmental impacts of some previous operations and activities of Flignitz Corporation, many of which have been discontinued or reasonably mitigated.

Our deep and genuine concern for global climate change issues is clearly reflected in the establishment of our Climate Stabilization and Remediation (CSAR) program, which is directed by a semi-autonomous committee appointed by our senior executives. Members of the CSAR committee include both divisional executives and mid-level managers of Flignitz Corporation, with individuals representing each of our major international operating locales, all of whom are united in a true spirit of open and transparent policy recommendation. Leaving no preconceived notion unturned, the CSAR committee delivers its annual report of sustainability studies and policy recommendations to the Board of Directors at the end of each fiscal year.

You can rest assured that Flignitz Corporation is fully committed to ensuring our future, and the futures of all generations to come, by implementing proactive metrics and rigorous initiatives to optimize our corporate visibility and international recognition as a thought leader among the business community.