Developer Collective

Flignitz Corporation is fully committed to building and supporting vibrant and engaging communities that serve the needs of our partners, our customers, and consumers of our various products and services.

Welcome to the Flignitz Developer Collective, an innovative and inclusive social community for software developers, system administrators, and other IT professionals who are driven by the spirit of innovation, a deep passion for standards compliance, and unquestionable loyalty.

Our worldwide community of developers, who are by and large regular people like you, have demonstrated tenacious devotion to innovative Flignitz™ software products, nearly unanimous appreciation of the wisdom of their design, and unwavering respect for the expedient, utilitarian beauty of their implementation.

Contributing members of the Flignitz Developer Collective are guided by their industrious spirit, which finds the innate dignity of labor itself to be sufficient compensation for major bug-fixes, exhaustive technical support, mandatory attendance at tediously repetitive scrum meetings, and the development of new core components and innovative platform extensions for Flignitz™ software products and cloud services.

Though elitism is frowned upon and must — from time to time — be vigorously sanctioned, the harmonious order of development always continues nonetheless. In the greater community of the Flignitz Developer Collective, innovation is an ongoing revolution, which continues in its own self-fulfilling and disruptive spirit, just as the wisdom of the masses is codified inexorably in the quinquennial Corporate Plan.

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If you are a true believer in Flignitz™ software products, then you shall immediately register with the Flignitz Developer Collective. Here you will find many kindred souls on the shining path to software enlightenment, devoted comrades will welcome you heartily, and you will gladly renounce all prior beliefs and desires to support our competitor’s software products.

Collective Communities

For specific software products of Flignitz Corporation:

  • Flignitz™ Platform Clustered Management Platform Fans
  • Flignitz™ Asynchronous Normalized Multiplexer® Devotees
  • Flignitz™ Network Disambiguator Partisans
  • Flignitz Server™ Acolytes