Flignitz Corporation is fully committed to building and supporting vibrant and engaging communities — social ecosystems that serve the needs of our partners, our customers, and consumers of our various products and services.


Our blogs enable you to interact directly with the people at Flignitz Corporation, those who know about the intricate details of our products and services, those who are responsible for designing and developing our most innovative products and services, and those who are most knowledgable of our (sometimes daunting and labyrinthine) policies and procedures.

User Groups

User groups enable you to interact directly with other customers and consumers of products and services provided by Flignitz Corporation. User groups also provide a venue for important feedback on our existing products and services, and collated input to our designs and specifications for future products and services.

Developer Collective

The Flignitz Developer Collective is an innovative and inclusive social community, created for software developers who are driven by the spirit of innovation and a deep passion for standards compliance.