Home Appliance Safety

Flignitz Laboratories is proud to announce a practical application for its high-energy, electromagnetic railgun, which was developed by the secretive Flignitz Research Institute. The device will soon be used to support new safety testing programs for consumer products, beginning with those produced by the Home Appliance Division of Flignitz Corp (USA).

Speaking to reporters, Jack Walshford said, “These new safety tests are just one result of the growing collaboration between the Home Appliance Division, Flignitz Laboratories, and the Flignitz Research Institute.” Mr. Walshford is a Vice President of Flignitz Corp (USA), and Executive Director of the Home Appliance Division.

A highlight of the new safety testing regime, to which all new kitchen and laundry appliances will be subjected, consists of hurling the appliance across an undisclosed location in the Nevada desert, typically at a speed of Mach 5+, to validate structural integrity.

Scientists at the Flignitz Research Institute say the 412MJ railgun, with its experimental superconducting electromagnetic drive rails, is capable of launching a refrigerator-sized appliance, with a mass up to 124kg (about 273 lbs), at 2,500 meters per second (Mach 7.34, or roughly 5,600 mph).

According to Mr. Walshford, “Many people take for granted the safety of their common kitchen appliances, until a dishwasher explodes or a toaster burns down their home.”

Early last week, Flignitz Corporation announced strict new safety testing protocols for all home appliance product lines sold throughout North America and Europe. In a separate statement, Flignitz Corp (USA) strongly denied rumors that some of its home appliance products have caused fires and/or explosions that damaged private homes, or caused emotional distress.