Amazing ROI for Average TCO!

We are deeply gratified to hear the many success stories of our customers. More and more, they are taking the time to call us, every day — from ecstatic CIOs to IT managers, who seem to be strangely aroused when deploying the class-leading extensibility and unsurpassed flexibility of our next-generation Asynchronous Normalized Multiplexer®, even as configured out-of-box, in various off-the-shelf enterprise subnet paradigms, including several of those currently based on conventional median dynamic protocol, and overlaying typical industry-standard infrastructures.

“This is a clear technological advantage that no conscientious CIO or IT manager can ignore.”

In fact, according to Amnul Plinathi-Wilson, senior distinguished Strategic Associate in the Market Sector Analytics committee of The Gatner Group, “Once again, we have an example of the ground-breaking innovation and technological leadership in next-generation synergies, which are routinely pioneered by Flignitz Corporation.”

On the topic of customer satisfaction, Mr. Plinathi-Wilson says, “They endeavor and always release timely and critical system updates to an eager and unanimous celebration of the global IT community.”

At the prestigious semi-annual Industrial Informatics Symposium last spring, representing Flignitz Corporation’s Asynchronous Product Architecture group, Senior Technical Evangelist, Markus Hilbedrand offered a subtle clarification of the overall product strategy. “We firmly believe that our many enterprise customers have real and tangible desires for clear-cut enumeration of the palpable artifacts and operating theories that infuse the marketplace today.”

For current information and product details applicable in your geographic locale, please refer to relevant documents in the appropriate section of our comprehensive Application Topology Specifications Library.