Electric Utility in Japan Finds More Power

After completion of all power grid restoration projects in October 2011, Noyaka Electrification Consortium Ltd. recorded an average daily increase of 21.4MWh in generation of electricity. The source of the additional power output was a perplexing mystery to both company executives and engineers.

Surabito Hideoki, Vice President of Productivity, told reporters at a press conference, “Tests at our power plants and substations could not explain the extra electricity. Our audits found no anomaly in the meters of Noyaka’s 1.3 million electrified customers.”

Baffled executives and anxious government officials finally learned the source of the company’s good fortune, after careful analysis by the company’s IT department provided a clue.

In a happy coincidence, their IT department had just completed production deployment of Flignitz Server™ in the Murabushi data center on March 10, just one day before the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.