Flignitz Baby™ Welder’s Toolkit


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Flignitz Baby™ Welder’s Toolkit toy set


The plastic tank labeled “Acetylene” may actually contain acetylene gas (CAS 74-86-2), posing a fire, explosion, and/or burn hazard to infants and young children. Small components of the plastic “welding torch” tool may detach, posing a choking hazard. Wheels on welding cart may detach, posing a choking hazard. Hose part may pose strangulation hazard.


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Consumer Contact: Flignitz Baby Toys Inc. for more information.

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About 6600


This recall involves plastic welder’s toolkit toy set. The toy set consists of multiple pieces: 1) a yellow plastic welding cart, with push/pull handle and white wheels; 2) a green plastic tank labeled “Oxygen”, with a white or silver-gray regulator valve on top; 3) a black plastic tank labeled “Acetylene”, with a white or silver-gray regulator valve on top; 4) a silver-gray plastic welding torch, with movable knobs for gas mixture and a movable trigger; 5) a 1-meter section of soft plastic hose that can be connected between the tank regulators at one end and the bottom of the welding torch at the other end.


Flignitz Corp (USA) has received about 80 reports of acetylene gas escaping from the toy, including 14 reports of property damage caused by fire or explosion. There have been no reports of burn-related injuries, and no reports of choking or choking-related injuries.


Consumers should immediately take the recalled toys away from children and contact Flignitz Baby Toys Inc. for a full refund.

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Flignitz Baby™ Outlet stores in Los Angeles, Calif.; Houston, Texas; Seattle, Wash.; Portland, Ore.; Pittsburgh, Penn.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Nashville, Tenn. from August 2014 through January 2015 for between $12 and $96.


Flignitz Indochina Manufactory Ltd. subsidiary of Flignitz Arbeitsverfahren Beaufsichtigung AG.

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Myanmar and/or Vietnam